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Skeptics with a K: The 2-year Anniversary Live Show

I’m sure we can all remember the momentous events of August 1st, 2009.

  • The Pope announced plans to release his first album (a trance-inspired collection of old-school anthems and breaking new beats, with pumping anti-abortion, pro-child-abuse, pro-men-in-dresses-condemning-homosexuality basslines).
  • The Quaker church agreed to begin performing same-sex marriages (sparking a trigger-happy rampage in which 10 Quaker ministers went on a same-sex-marrying spree, leaving six innocent bystanders legally tied, and wedding the entire QPR first team in a complicated polygamous tryst, which ironically boosted team spirits so much they achieved promotion to the top division the following season).
  • And, perhaps most importantly of all, three men and a microphone (in a somewhat disappointing prequel to the 80s classic movie) gathered in a dinosaur-wallpapered bedroom to talk pithy nonsense. Those three men went on to become joint Time magazine ‘Man of the year’ for 2047, controversially beating newly-elected US president Justin Bieber after a hideous accident left them fused at the hip and legally classified as a single entity. But back in 2011, they were three separate, discrete and clearly-defined individuals, with a podcast and a giant book of nonsense.

And so, for the second time ever, you can catch these men live, unedited and wildly-underprepared in their hastily-thrown-together second anniversary live show.

To catch the live 52nd episode of Skeptics with a K live video feed simply visit after 6.45pm TONIGHT. Plus you can join in the show with heckling and insults via the Twitter hashtag #SwaKlive. See you there!

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