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The Psychic

Samuel glanced up nervously at the noon sun shining through the dim room’s thick, dusty windows. He had been feeling worried all morning, but couldn’t put his finger on it. No doubt the man who had visited earlier hadn’t helped. He had simply poked his head into the apothecary and, upon sighting Samuel, left again. Very suspicious. Perhaps it was innocent enough. Perhaps he had come into the wrong shop by accident. Or perhaps it was more sinister. Perhaps they were scouting him out.

The shop had been quiet all day. Books were piled high around him, and what few customers had been in had barely given him enough money for the day’s bread. Samuel sighed deeply, but stopped himself short as a mouse looked out from behind a bookshelf. He watched it silently, as it sniffed at the thick air and eyed the mottled floor. Timidly, it scurried a couple of feet along the edge of the wall, before gaining confidence and darting to the table at which Samuel was sitting, in order to better investigate the scraps he had spilled during breakfast.

Suddenly, the mouse stopped shock still, pricking up its ears. Samuel was still holding his breath, frozen like a gargoyle. It wasn’t him who had startled the mouse. It stood up on its hind legs and sniffed the air and then, with a panicked leap, it ran back to its home behind the books.
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