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Fun with Mormons

It was Saturday afternoon. I was walking through Liscard and listening to my iPod, when I was stopped in the street by a young man in a sharp suit.

“Excuse me, sir.  I’m here today to tell you the Good News™”

Fantastic! I love it when they pick on me. Seriously, I do. We don’t get many religious zealots around here, so it’s the only sport that I get.  I think our lackadaisical national religion has bred most of the zealotry out of the population.  The most extremist thing you’ll see a Church of England vicar do is invite himself over for tea and Victoria sponge.  This bloke has an odd accent.  He sounds American, but at the same time he sounds Dutch.  I’m never good with American accents.  Maybe one of the Mountain States?

“What would it mean to you if I were to say that there is a God, and He loves you, and that He has a prophet on Earth right now? What would it mean if these things were true?”
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