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iWoo: Woo on the iPhone

I love my iPhone. I love the way that photos insert themselves into messages and posts.  I love the fact it’s a real computer that does stuff relevant to my life. I love the screen, the touch screen and I particularly love the fact that when I bought it, I was among the first to adopt this latest 32GB 3GS model. I cannot normally be described as an early adopter; I shop at TK Maxx for goodness’ sake!

But the thing that makes it sing (I like that rhyme) is the apps, or applications for long.  Yes, there is a whole world of people out there who have quickly and brilliantly devised handy tools that you can download and which reside on your iPhone.  Just waiting for that perfect conjunction of need and opportunity to arise.  Then they spring, gazelle-like, into action with just the lightest press of your finger on the screen, bringing almost immediate gratification and a rush of happiness.  “What is my bank balance just now?”; “How much would the payments work out to on that car with £1000 deposit?”; “What time is the next train to Liverpool from where I am right now?”; for that matter “Where am I right now?”. Read the rest of this entry »

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