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Skeptics with a K: The Drinking Game

Skeptics with a K listener Niki M writes:

So, I’ve been catching up on the 36 episodes that are up right now, and I’ve noticed a few trends, enough so that I got this lame brained idea that it would make an interesting drinking game. So, put up your feet, grab your favorite beverage of choice*, and let’s have a go!

As a fan of Withnail and I, I love drinking games. As a teetotaller, I rarely play them. What better compromise than to have a drinking game based around me and my mates? Hurray! So, for your enjoyment, we present Niki M’s Skeptics with a K Drinking Game
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Skeptics with a K: The Inside Story

Interview with Marsh on The Skeptical Review

Interview with Marsh on The Skeptical Review

Never one for self-promotion (*cough cough cough cough*), I have to admit to being flattered when, last week, I got an interview request from charming podcaster-type Karl Mamer, of the Conspiracy Skeptic podcast. Karl, alongside being an experience podcaster and generally dapper individual, is also something called a ‘Canadian’.

Now, being from this sceptred, splendid, God’s-own isle I’d previously never spoken to a Canadian – let alone ever been to Canadia – but seeing as outreach is one the stated goals in the MSS constitution (it’s amendment #3 right after the rule stating everyone has to have bare right arms, and right before the allowance of members to search for people having seizures), so I figured I’d give it a whirl. Still, forewarned is forearmed, so I thought it worth finding out a little more about this ‘Canadia’ place, before I allowed myself to be thrown to the mooses.

  • The archaic name of the country originally started with a silent ‘o’, however the land is only ever referred to as ‘Ocanada’ during the singing of the national anthem
  • The country has a fine heritage of cultural exports, including puppet ‘Ed The Sock‘, health activist Jim Carrey, and long-established comedy duo Terrence and Philip – who are often likened to our very own venerable Morecambe and Wise
  • We used to frickin’ own it! When the global economy crashed in 1931, the mortgage payments got too high, and Britain officially pawned Canada to some local lumberjacks. To this very day, the Queen’s name remains on the deeds, forcing proud Canadians to accept her as their great and glorious leader
  • Uber-skeptic James Randi was once Canadian, until an incident involving Alice Cooper and some Mounties while touring. Sometimes what happens on tour, doesn’t stay on tour, I guess
  • Current Prime Minister of Canada is Steve Harper, who supplements his wage by also playing goalkeeper for Newcastle United FC
  • Canadians don’t understand football, and they call it soccer, or soccerball, or goalsphere
  • It is the law that everything in Canada is written in both English AND in French / C’est la loi que chaque phrase ecrit en Canada est ecrit en Anglaise ET en Francais

Thus is the fruits of my Googling, and armed thus I ‘met’ with said Mr Mamer to thrash out an interview. Stylishly attired in a lumberjack shirt and matching hockey blades, Karl and I chatted about all things Skeptics-with-a-K-sy, while enjoying lashings of maple syrup and partaking in some customary transatlantic stereotyping.

Should you so wish, you can read the interview in full on The Skeptical Review website.

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Secret Shopper Homeopathic Homework

We at ‘Skeptics With A K’ (currently the only podcast officially endorsed by the Merseyside Skeptics Society… watch this space) like to keep out listeners on their toes – issuing the odd homework assignment to get you ‘orrible lot involved a bit (we love you really). In the past, we’ve asked you to sign up as an organ donor, sign the Sense About Science libel reform campaign, and to tell everyone you know about the Skeptics With A K podcast. All worthy, noble causes, I’m sure you’ll agree.

In Episode 10, we set you our most challenging and ambitious homework yet. And I can tell it was particularly challenging, and particularly ambitious, through a very simple metric – next to no bugger did it. Or at least, if they did, they didn’t tell us about it. Well, just like at school, don’t think you can get away from homework quite so easily! No, no – we SwaK-kers (as we never, ever want to be called) are harsh taskmasters, and so we’ve left this particular homework open-ended.

For those of you who were talking amongst yourselves at the back of the class and missed the homework assignment, we asked you to heal Mike’s poorly poorly cough. You see, he’d had his irritating cough for a while, and normal medicine hadn’t seemed to shift it. Boo hoo. This is where you, our helpful readers/listeners/friends come in – you’ve all heard that homeopathy can be handy for such niggling coughs, but alas you’re no homeopathic experts, you wouldn’t know where to start when it came to finding an effective remedy! Which is why we urge you to visit your local pharmacy, and ask their sage advice on which homeopathic medicine will be best to fix Mike’s poorly poorly cough. Explain the symptoms, explain your inexpertise at all things homeopathic, and see what the pharmacists advise you. If they advise you:

‘Homeopathy? Nah, mate, that’s bollocks! It’s just water and sugar pills, you want some real medicine, or to see a real doctor’

that’s great! But if they advise you:

‘Ah, yes, good question – I recommend your friend takes two 30C arnica/sulphur/bullshit tablets four times a day until he is healed/dies of undiagnosed lung cancer’

then it’s not so great, and we’d like to know about it. And, most importantly, for reasons that will become apparent in the fullness of time, tell us what you find out!

Happy secret shopping, our homeopathic homeworkers!


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