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Rude Cockneys, Shrewd Women, Skewed Surveys: Who’d Have Thought It Was All PR?

Few things in life amuse me as much as blatant PR passing off as news. I’ve said that before, and it remains true. So, on this Easter Monday, I thought I’d set you all a little quiz – look at the following headlines, and see if you can guess which company paid for the stories. Got it? Excellent, here we go, answers and analysis below the fold.

  1. Londoners ‘Least Friendly’ in EnglandMetro
  2. Why Women Are Better Handling The Family CashDaily Express
  3. Cheryl Cole Is Celebrity Most Brits Want To Holiday With Unlike Katie PriceMetro
  4. Kids’ £1.8 Billion Repair CostThe Mirror
  5. DIY Ability ‘In The Genes’Press Association

OK, there’s your headlines, have a quick guess (no peeking), answers below.

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Happy Tappers

Ahh, to be a thirty-something minor celebrity (Sky 3 doesn’t really count, does it?), a feminist-married-to-an-Olympic-rowing-alpha-male and a hypnobirthing mother; It’s a post-modern fantasy that I think we all share.  I know I like to dress up in miniskirts, have my jugs half falling out on national television and claim feminism as my agenda while cuddling up to my hubby’s big muscley muscles… but only on Mondays.  Thankfully, we have a post-modern fantasist to show us what it is to have our fantasies brought into the clear light of reality.

Enter our hero of the hour, Ms/iss/rs(?) Beverley Turner, and her little excursion into something one or two of you will recognise…

Even though I have this feeling, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Pseudo-Pareidolia: I Spy A PR Pork Pie

Yes, Tommy Cooper, in a Steak Pie. What of it?

Yes, Tommy Cooper, in a Steak Pie. What of it?

Over the years we’re seen God in a toilet door, the virgin Mary on wet windows and jesus burnt into a cheese sandwich. Not to mention Mother Teresa the croissant, and all manner of other religious figures mystically coming through in a variety of unusual places, which is definitely down to the fact that God exists.

However, it’s not just the religious that get to come back from the grave to haunt our furniture, foodstuffs and everyday lives – a few months ago we covered on the show an image of the late Michael Jackson which had appeared in an ultrasound, so it seems of late it’s becoming easier to pass through the mystical doorway and re-enter this world, albeit confined to poor-quality images on mundane objects.

Which is why it should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone to see this amazing, wondrous, blessed meat pie, complete with image of 70s comedy legend Tommy Cooper.

Yeah, Tommy Cooper. And yes, a meat pie.

What’s more, miraculously and in no way suspiciously, the pastry effigy was found in the village of Trethomas – just a couple of miles from Cooper’s hometown of Caerphilly. Which proves it’s definitely genuine. Honest. I mean, it even featured in the Daily Mail

Chip shop owner Crad Jones discovered the image when eating his pie and chips in his shop in Caerphilly, South Wales, which was Cooper’s home town.

Mr Jones, 45, said he called the manufacturers, Peter’s Pies, when he noticed the silhouette so they could document his find.

Of course, it’s in no way suspicious that the manufacturer of the pie gets a nice big mention right there at the start of the story. This pie coincidentally had a photo of Tommy Cooper in it – of course the first thing you’re gonna want to know is which company the late funnyman chose to bless with his image. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Men Don’t Know Anything About Women’ Says Company Who Don’t Know Anything About Men

Look out fellow men, our secrets are out! Not only is Valentine’s Day is swift-approaching, and therefore supplies of the colour pink and badly-drawn teddy bears on overly-sentimental cards bearing the motto ‘I Wuuurrrrrrve You’ or something equally-nauseatingly trite rapidly running out , but now – now of all times! – the Daily Mail has chosen to expose a dirty, filthy, shameful and completely 100% true fact: none of us male folk know anything, at all, about our womenfolk. Nothing. Nada. Nowt.

Seriously, nothing. Age, hair colour, eye colour, general shape – all alien to us men. Really. It’s remarkable we’re even able to pick them out of a police line-up. Although try asking them what the hell they’re doing in a police line-up, and you’re in trouble. Bloody Women. Harumph. Oops, that might have been wildly sterotypically ignorantly sexist towards the end there, and I can’t go around like that…

…because clearly wild, ignorant, sexist stereotyping is the Daily Mail’s job, as evidenced by their stunningly-accurate-and-definitely-not-made-up research on the amount we fellas know about our missuses:

Think he knows you? Think again! How millions of men don’t know their partner’s dress size, date of birth, or even eye colour

Millions of men! Millions of men don’t know their partner’s date of birth! If the UK population is 60 million, let’s simplify things and say that 50% are male (ratios tend to favour a higher female population, bloody women harumph and all that), that’s 30 million men at most, of which millions don’t know their partners’ eye colour! That’s assuming all have partners. And are straight. Realistically, we’re probably talking about 15 or 20 million men who are straight and attached. So the Mail’s ‘millions’ of ignorant men speaks to a real epidemic! What bastards we are!

ORRRR the Mail made it up. Hmm. Let’s read on beyond the headline, and see if we come out the other side. Read the rest of this entry »

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Five Brushes With Death? Zero Brushes With Science

In a story which made a fair few headlines recently, a new study – and I use that term loosely – reports that the average person has five near death experiences throughout their lifetime.

Apparently research – and again, I use that term loosely – claims the average person has five brushes with death in their lifetime, including potentially fatal car crashes, near lightning strike, high voltage electric shocks, earthquakes, floods and that moment where you step out onto a road in front of a bus only to be pulled back at the last moment. Which was enough for both the Express and the Mirror, who both ran with this story.

So, how was this study, this amazing new research, conducted? Well, for one thing, the study took the form of a survey. A survey sponsored by a prominent insurance company. I won’t mention their name, becuase mentioning their name is precisely the point of this trumped-up nonsense of a survey – it’s little more than glorified PR. Still, I’ll pull it apart anyway, because it’s always worth being aware of the angles involved in these kind of stories. Read the rest of this entry »


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