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Question of The Week: What Woo Do You Follow For Rational Reasons?

No-one is immune to woo, as we are fond of pointing out here at the MSS. We’re all susceptible to the irrational, and anyone can find themselves believing weird things, or taking part in something that they probably should know better than to get involved with. But that’s common ignorance for you – if you knew it was woo you obviously wouldn’t follow it. Or would you?

What if you had very good reasons for going along with a particular piece of ‘woo’? What if, apart from being irrational, you actually had very rational reasons for acting as you do? Most of us don’t walk under ladders. Not because we’re superstitious, but simply because we don’t want a tin of paint to land on our heads.

Here is this week’s question: What Woo Do You Follow For Rational Reasons?

Maybe you take homeopathy because you really like eating sugar pills? Maybe you don’t cross a black cat’s path because you have an authentic phobia of black cats? Maybe you were kidnapped by a cult and if you take off your copper bracelet the leader will burn you at the stake (ok, that one’s a bit of a push…)?

Whatever it is, let us know. We’re hungry for your stories. Feed us!



Question of The Week: What Woo Would You Go Along With To Get Your Dream Job?

We all need to work. Without work we run out of money and end up living on beans in a stolen wheelie bin. That’s obviously not a good route. Wheelie bins are uncomfortable.

So, in order to avoid a future of bins and beans, we work. We quite happily jump through hoops we wouldn’t normally bother with in order to get work, especially if it’s a dream job that we really want. This is understandable. But how far would you go? At what point would you draw the line? What if your prospective employer wanted you to – gulp – submit to some woo?

The Question of The Week is this: What woo would you go along with to get your dream job?

Maybe your interviewer wants you to do a personality test that involves astrology? Maybe they want you to take that dubious lie-detector, the polygraph (it happens)? Maybe your dream job involves working with homeopaths or mediums on a daily basis? How much could you go along with to get that job? Can you put your skepticism to one side if you need to?

Let us know in the comments field below…



Question of The Week: If You Were Given A Million Pounds to Promote Skepticism, How Would You Spend It?


Once again our perennial Question of The Week has arrived, providing our lovely listeners/readers/trolls with the opportunity to take a break from their lives and have a good old skeptical think.

Many thanks to all of you who responded to our previous Question of The Week, which can be found here. We got some interesting answers. Like that one, this week’s Question comes via a suggestion from one of our listeners, long-standing visitor to this blog, DaveTheDrummer, who said:

“If you were contacted by a wealthy benefactor who was willing to fund the activities of the society and donate substantial sums of money to the cause, and by substantial I mean several tens of thousands of pounds, what would you do with those funds?”

What, indeed?

So this week’s Question of The Week is: If You Were Given A Million Pounds to Promote Skepticism, How Would You Spend It?

Would you set up a woo-fighting army? Maybe you’d send all the homeopaths away on a spaceship like Douglas Adams’ middle men were? Maybe you’d just give it all to charity or to your favourite skeptic? Whatever it is, we want to know. Just bear in mind that we don’t actually have a million pounds to give. In case you were wondering. And salivating.

We look forward to your answers!



Question of The Week: What Woo Would Make Someone Undateable?

In the second to last episode of Skeptics With a K we asked you, our loyal listeners, to suggest some Questions of The Week for us. You might think that we were just being lazy, and you would probably be right, but it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of interactivity with all of you unseen listeners out there. It makes us feel loved and needed.

The best suggestion we received was from regular listener Stoko, so without further ado here is this week’s Question of The Week, courtesy of Stoko:

What Woo Would Make Someone Undateable?

What level of woo would it take for you to refuse to date someone? Does it bother you at all? Maybe it’s just particular areas of woo: belief in psychics might not bother some people, while belief in god might send them running the other way. Maybe your partner pops homeopathy pills on a regular basis and it’s just an adorable quirk. At what point on the scale of woo would someone become undateable to you?

Whatever your answer, let us know.

Don’t forget, our call for your suggestions for future Questions of The Week is still open. Feel free to leave your suggestions here, or send them to If it’s a good suggestion, we’ll use it.



Question of The Week: What New Skeptical Events Can You Come Up With?

You’re never short of skeptical events these days. We have skeptics’ cruises through the Bermuda Triangle, Dragoncon’s Skeptrack, not to mention the infamous Amazing Meeting, which was held in London for the first time last year. On a more local level, here in Merseyside we have social and speaker events for both the Merseyside Skeptics and the Greater Manchester Skeptics, as well as other events and meetings of interest to skeptics, such as the scibar talks, cafe scientifique, philosophy in pubs and the Liverpool Humanists. We also have the recently started Ladies Who Do Skepticism meetups, the brainchild of Manchester Skeptics’ Janis Bennion. We simply can’t move for Skeptical events.

However, there’s always room for more, and that’s where you come in. We’re interested in your ideas for skeptical events. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a brand new idea, it can be something you’ve just heard of and thought was a good idea. Either way, we want to hear your ideas.

So the Question of The Week is this: What new skeptical events can you come up with?

Maybe you’ve been nurturing the idea of starting up a Skeptics In The Sauna, or have an idea for the perfect skeptical holiday. It doesn’t have to be an event. Feel free to branch out. It’s common for skepticism to advertise itself in the form of podcasts – maybe you have an idea for a new skeptical outlet? Whatever it is, let us know. Then we can steal it and get all the credit…

Please leave your ideas in the comments field below.

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Question of The Week: Can You Write A Skeptical Limerick?

Our last Question of The Week was to write a Skeptics With a K slogan for a t-shirt based on the show, and we’ve had a great response. Thanks to everyone who’s posted their suggestions. We’ve loved reading them so much in fact, that we’ve decided to keep the competition open, so please continue to give us your suggestions. You never know, you could be wearing a t-shirt with your own words on it sometime in the near future!

This doesn’t mean we’re not going to have a Question of The Week this week, however. We’re nothing less than generous and we don’t want to cheat you, so as well as keeping last week’s question open there’s still going to be a new one this week.

You may have heard Marsh’s skeptical limericks on the new episode of Skeptics With a K released yesterday, as well as my and Mike’s attempts to formulate our own cheesy verse in response. What about all of you at home? Do you think you can compete with Marsh in the Skeptical Limericks stakes?

This is our Question of The Week: Can You Write a Skeptical Limerick?

Why not have a go? If you think you’re up to it, drop us a line. We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with.

Post your Limericks in the comments section below…

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