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Unofficial TAM Delegate Meet-Up

TAM London 2010So, I’m off to TAM this weekend. And by this weekend, I mean tomorrow. I’d give you the countdown in hours and minutes, but that would be hard to maintain given you all might be reading this at different times. I could try, but I’d soon lose the thread and you’d all lose respect for me. Let’s just leave it as ‘Friday’. Excellent.

So, while in London on Friday, after having early-registered like the smart cookies we probably are, Mike and I will be looking for something to do, and somewhere to do it. Ideally with people to do it with thrown in for good measure. Which is why it was pretty cool that @Jimbobthomas got in touch with me to tell of plans afoot. Details below, if any of you fancy it – you’re all more than welcome to come along. I think I’ll be there from around 7pm or so, depending on how other plans pan out. If you’re going to TAM, don’t forget to say so in the comments so we can all see. And if you’re not able to go, well, there are other cool conferences on the horizon

It was suggested (er…by me) on that it would be really cool to meet up with any skeptics travelling to TAM London before official registration on Saturday so that we can say ‘hi’ and welcome you all to London. I do not know how many of you are going to see Ghost Stories on Friday evening but even if you are not, the venue I would like to suggest is nicely central and walkable to the Hilton Metropole where the conference is being held and very near to Paddington Station where taxi’s will be in abundance. It also is a relatively new venue that would be happy to see us. So happy, in fact, that there will be a fair amount of free food for drinking guests and the menu, whilst a bit organic, does look to be rather nice.

So, if people could leave a comment or send me a quick note at jim at hampshireskeptics dot org it would be very helpful as I can warn the manager that there will be a hoard of hungry and thirsty skeptics beating a path to their door?

The suggested venue is and as you can see from the link it is a stones throw from the conference centre: .

We are really looking forward to seeing you all and are super excited about the conference.


See you all there!


Skeptics with a K: Episode #006

TAM London, the Revival Fellowship, curing sleep and Conservapedia. These things, and more, in episode 6 of Skeptics with a K!


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