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More Bad News For Scientology

It’s been a bad week for Scientology all round, besides the ruling in France – with Academy Award-winning writer-director Paul Haggis officially and publicly resigning from the group. Paul took action after feeling his concerns over Scientology’s official stance on gay rights were not being addressed, leaving the group after writing a letter outlining his feelings on the issues and his reasons for wanting to disconnect with Scientology – more of which I’ll come to later.

Haggis’ action not only follows the ruling in France, but also the outburst made by Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis on Nightline where he linked the Anonymous movement – a movement allegedly set up to allegedly expose alleged crimes and alleged violations of alleged human rights allegedly by the allegedly alleged church of scientology – to a number of unproven illegal allegations which, to be fair, the presenter did a great job taking him to task on and highlighting that the allegations made by Tommy were not backed up by the FBI. The video is currently up on Youtube and is worth a look. On top of that, Tommy was recently interviewed by journalist Martin Bashir, citing offence of his religious beliefs and storming out after being politely asked to comment on the alien Xenu and the alien tales associated by some to Scientology, which is not recognised as a religion in the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Isreal, Greece and Mexico, among other countries.

You might remember Tommy from the BBC Panorama programme, where he met with reporter John Sweeney – many times, during John’s attempts to interview other people with views on the practices of Scientology. On the back of those high-profile PR disasters, the open letter from Paul Haggis could not have come at a worst time for the group France classes as a ‘sect’.

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