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‘Boasters, Maids And Cockroaches’ – Conversations With A Believer

As many of you good, fine, upstanding and downright skeptical people will know, I like to hear from you.  I love getting your feedback, your comments, and your general thoughts – from the thought-provoking and informative, all the way through to the outright bizarre (yes Colonel Molerat, I do mean you).

Perhaps just as many of you may also know, I’m somewhat prone to receiving other comments, too.  I’ve been – in my short but somewhat-surreal skeptical career – labelled a paedophile, a fascist akin to the BNP*, accused of making myself look foolish and of having nothing more meaningful than my scouse wit – and that’s just what I can recall off the top of my head.  Fortunately, I kinda love it.

But I must admit, even my usually-calm blood was somewhat boiled by an exchange I recently had/am having on Facebook, in response to one of my regular (and actually rather innocuous) updates.  The feedbacker had, as far as I can see, taken offence to the question of the week that arose during the last Skeptics in the Pub (that’s right, I’m blaming you guys for this one!) – What would you sell your soul for?  Feel free to answer that if you haven’t already, by the way…

The nature of her feedback was somewhat remarkable to me – partly in the vehemence in the attack of British skeptics in general, and of me in particular.  But the other thing that struck me was the lack of direction – I can only assume from the tone and the aggression that she is a true believer, but curiously I have no clue what in!

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