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Skeptics with a K: The 2-year Anniversary Live Show

I’m sure we can all remember the momentous events of August 1st, 2009.

  • The Pope announced plans to release his first album (a trance-inspired collection of old-school anthems and breaking new beats, with pumping anti-abortion, pro-child-abuse, pro-men-in-dresses-condemning-homosexuality basslines).
  • The Quaker church agreed to begin performing same-sex marriages (sparking a trigger-happy rampage in which 10 Quaker ministers went on a same-sex-marrying spree, leaving six innocent bystanders legally tied, and wedding the entire QPR first team in a complicated polygamous tryst, which ironically boosted team spirits so much they achieved promotion to the top division the following season).
  • And, perhaps most importantly of all, three men and a microphone (in a somewhat disappointing prequel to the 80s classic movie) gathered in a dinosaur-wallpapered bedroom to talk pithy nonsense. Those three men went on to become joint Time magazine ‘Man of the year’ for 2047, controversially beating newly-elected US president Justin Bieber after a hideous accident left them fused at the hip and legally classified as a single entity. But back in 2011, they were three separate, discrete and clearly-defined individuals, with a podcast and a giant book of nonsense.

And so, for the second time ever, you can catch these men live, unedited and wildly-underprepared in their hastily-thrown-together second anniversary live show.

To catch the live 52nd episode of Skeptics with a K live video feed simply visit after 6.45pm TONIGHT. Plus you can join in the show with heckling and insults via the Twitter hashtag #SwaKlive. See you there!

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Skeptics with a K: listen live online with QED

This Monday will see a very special recording of our Skeptics with a K podcast. For the first, and perhaps only time in the show’s history, we will be streaming the recording session live over the Internet.

Skeptics with a K Live is being sponsored by the QED conference (get your tickets now) who will be providing technical support on the day.   Listeners will be able to hear the raw, uncut recording – as it happens – including all the grossly offensive off-colour humour which usually gets cut for reasons of taste and decency.

Not only that, you will be able to interact with the show via twitter. During the show we will be monitoring the #qedcon hashtag, so when Marsh says something outrageous about palladium you can put him right on the spot.

The show starts at 6:45pm on Monday, December 13 – at

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