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Is This A Malaysian Vampire? Probably Not…

From time to time, I get sent weird things. Obscure websites, bizarre emails, odd videos. I love it. Here’s one lately that really grabbed my eye:

Pontianak at KM 42 Bukit Tinggi, towards Kuantan

Recently, there’s this video of a ‘pontianak’ circulating around the Malaysian web sphere, especially (where else?) Facebook.  A ‘pontianak’ is, according to local folklore, the restless spirit of a woman who died in childbirth.  She is usually depicted with long, flowing hair and a white robe…kind of a typical garb for most restless spirits/creatures around the world, eh?  Go ahead and research if you wish to.  I’ve heard enough stories of pontianaks while growing up in good old Malaysia.

What followed was this video:

Now, is this a vampire? I think not. Check the way the the figure moves as the car drives past at 11seconds. It looks to me like it’s actually suspended from above, swaying in the wind from the on-rushing car. This would explain the way the figure rises in a totally smooth way, why there’s no movement of any of the limbs or the head during the video, and the smooth descent too. In all, looks like a hoax to me, suspended on a wire.

What do you think?

Update: Righteous Indignation listener Non has confirmed this is indeed a fake:

It is fake. Why? The youtube comments will lead you to the production clips for the “Momok the movie” video clip called “MOMOK JPA ROAD TRIP to karak hell”. Start watching at 1:20ish. Link (also added to my name):

Youtube user angelusDragul was the one who pointed out that it was for the movie.

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Technical difficulties, and a question of vampires.


It’s been a busy weekend most of my time having been taken up attending extended meetings with a litany of scoundrels – Jim Beam and Jose Cuervo to name but the two worst offenders – and so I have had very little time for blogging.

And now that I do have a little more time, my laptop is broken.

So, posts from myself, the bleary-eyed-and-sore-headed Reverend Colonel Molerat, will have to be short, quick and vacuous until I once again have the technology at my disposal to spend long evenings reading, researching and writing (I hear cries of relief from those who have suffered through my longer ramblings!).

The first of these posts is, of course, this one, and it is already becoming much longer than expected. So, to try and produce more content for less work, I am going to pose a question to you, O Anonymous Reader, a question I have long pondered and the answer to which I do not know:

How much evidence of God would a ‘real’ western-style vampire be?

If there were a true ‘I vant to suck your blood!’-style vampire, who ticked every ‘vampire’ box (turning into a bat, sleeping in a coffin, hating garlic, etc), how would you interpret their aversion to the Christian Cross? Evidence of a deity, or evidence of vampiric phobia of certain geometric shapes?

How would you investigate? Vampires of different cultural backgrounds? Crosses vs crucifixes? Placebo holy water?

So! Throw off the shackles of anonymity! Embrace the comforting hug of a nym, be it pseudonym or, erm, real nym, and comment below the fold!

Colonel Molerat never drinks wine…

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