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Skeptics in the Pub Social
Skeptics in the Pub Social
Dr Duncan's, St John's Lane
March Megamix!
March Megamix!
The Casa, 29 Hope Street

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Episode #373

Skeptics with a K Alice investigates labial peels, the unregulated chemical peel for your vulva, while Mike asks whether we really do need to be drinking eight glasses of water per day. Meanwhile, the team is having problems with YouTube.

Episode #054 - Live from QED 2023

InKredulous Episode 54 of our satirical, skeptical comedy podcast recorded live at QED 2023. Appearing alongside host Andy Wilson are Jordan Holmes, Cara Santa Maria, and Michael Marshall.

Episode #083 - Nyjon Eccles

Be Reasonable Marsh is joined by functional medicine doctor Nyjon Eccles to talk about the controversial thermographic cancer screening scans, and why he feels cancer patients would benefit from a functional medicine approach of nutritional support.

The Skeptic

Mark McDonald, America’s Frontline Doctors, and some very troubling beliefs about autism
By Aaron Rabinowitz,

A recent interview between former atheist James Lindsay and Dr Mark McDonald showed the distasteful views anti-vaxxers share when among friends

The post Mark McDonald, America’s Frontline Doctors, and some very troubling beliefs about autism appeared first on The Skeptic.

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