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Be Reasonable is the interview show which talks to people who believe ideas contrary to the mainstream scientific and skeptical worldview. Be Reasonable is about approaching subjects with respect and an open mind, engaging with people of differing viewpoints in an environment where debate is polite and good-natured, yet robust and intellectually rigorous.

Produced and presented by Michael Marshall.

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Latest Episode

Episode #083 - Nyjon Eccles

Joining Marsh today is functional medicine doctor Nyjon Eccles, to talk about the controversial thermographic cancer screening scans, why Nyjon feels the medical profession is wrong to discount them, and why he feels cancer patients would benefit from a functional medicine approach of nutritional support.

Note: As ever, Be Reasonable does not endorse the claims made by guests, and urges listeners not to take medical advice from a podcast.

Previous Episodes

Episode #082 - Valentina Vidovic Pesic

Joining Marsh today is Valentina Vidovic Pesic, a UK distributor of Biofield Care patches. We discuss how she believes that the silicon patches can be embedded with frequencies, what effects she feels those frequencies can have on human health, and what tests she feels could be run to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Episode #081 - Matt Le Tissier

Joining Marsh today is former England international footballer and sports pundit Matthew Le Tissier, to talk about Matt’s distrust of the official story around Covid, his concerns over 15 minute cities, and why he doesn’t believe in human-caused climate change.

Episode #080 - Dawn Ewing

Marsh is joined by Dr Dawn Ewing, executive director of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and founder of Holistic Health Alternatives.

In this episode, we talk about why Dawn advises against mercury fillings, what motivated Dawn to become a holistic dentist and naturopathic practitioner, and what role she believes the teeth play in the treatment of her patients with cancer.

Episode #079 - David Parker and Dawn Lester

Marsh is joined by authors David Parker and Dawn Lester, of WhatReallyMakesYouIll.com.

In this episode, we talk about the causes of disease, David and Dawn’s issues with germ theory, and their research into HIV, COVID-19, and other illnesses.

Episode #078 - Linda Backman

Marsh is joined by past life regression therapist Linda Backman, from The RavenHeart Center.

In this episode, we talk about what past life regression is, the benefits Linda believes it can have in helping clients process their emotional and physical issues, and whether or not it is important that past life experiences can be verified as accurate.

Episode #077 - Joy Warren

Marsh is joined by Joy Warren, from Fluoride Free Alliance UK, whose current petition to Parliament to ban water fluoridation has more than 35,000 signatures.

In this episode, we talk about what the FFAUK believe to be the dangers of fluoridation, how useful it could be to draw comparisons between fluoridated and unfluoridated populations, why dental associations might disagree with anti-fluoride activists, and Joy’s broader beliefs about public health and medicine.

Episode #076 - Stan Shepherd

Marsh is joined by Stan Shepherd, author of New Flat Earth. In this episode, we talk about Stan’s journey into flat Earth belief, why he believes most flat-earthers are wrong about the moon landing, and the Biblical basis for rejecting the spherical Earth.

Episode #075 - Nick Cowan

Marsh is joined by Nick Cowan, from Truth In Science - a creationist organisation which argues for the teaching of Biblical creationism in schools.

In this episode, we talk about the religious basis for a young earth worldview, why creationists differ from most other religious believers in rejecting evolution, and what Nick feels are the flaws in the arguments for evolution.

Episode #074 - Christopher Anatra

Marsh is joined by Christopher Anatra, aka the Quantum Businessman, and board member of the International Mandela Effect Conference.

In this episode, we talk about what causes the Mandela Effect, how time travellers are injecting negative events into our timeline and altering the past, and how Christopher believes reading the Akashik record allows him to access hidden knowledge about the past.

Episode #073 - Anthony Grant

Marsh is joined by Anthony Grant, from Resonator.uk, to talk about the Resonator Bioresonance device.

In this episode, we talk how bioresonance devices work, how physical illness starts first with emotional stress and lowered pH levels, how the bioresonance device can kill the parasites, viruses, bacteria that cause all ill health, and Anthony’s recent encounter with the Advertising Standards Authority for claiming his device was more effective at preventing COVID-19 than a vaccine.

Episode #072 - Mark Steele

Marsh is joined by returning guest Mark Steele, from the political party and campaign group Save Us Now.

In this episode, we talk about the goals of Save Us Now as a campaign group, the role of smart street lighting in the UK’s mass depopulation agenda, whether the COVID-19 vaccine is really part of an asymmetric warfare campaign against the UK population, and who the UK and world governments really serve.

Episode #071 - Nia True

Marsh is joined by tarot reader Nia True, from Compass Tarot.

In this episode, we talk through what tarot cards can and can’t do, the ethics of giving readings for strangers, and how Nia uses tarot cards to process her own experiences.

Episode #070 - Cynthia Sue Larson

Marsh is joined by Cynthia Sue Larson, president of the International Mandela Effect Conference, founder of RealityShifters and author of books including Quantum Jumps, Reality Shifts, and High Energy Money

In this episode, we explore why people believe everyday details about our world differ from the version in our memories, and what this means for our ability to perceive reality.

Episode #069 - Paul Boland

Marsh is joined by Paul Boland, a registered vet who regularly uses alternative medicine, and also treats human patients at his Klana Natural Health clinic. In this episode, we explore how Paul came to be an avid user of alternative medicine, why he felt he should expand his practice to treat people too, and what he makes of illnesses like COVID-19 and cancer.

Episode #068 - Milena Ivovic

Marsh is joined by Milena Ivovic, a writer and painter who is a voluntary worker on the path of The Knowledge Book. In this episode, we explore what The Knowledge Book is, where it came from, and what effect the Omega energy that followers believe is contained in the book can have on humanity at an individual and global level.

Episode #067 - Darren Nesbitt

Marsh is joined by returning guest Darren Nesbitt, a flat earth proponent who has become a prominent figure in the anti-lockdown protests, and whose folk song “Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse (We Are The 99%)“ became something of an anthem for the protests against COVID-19 safety measures.

Episode #066 - Gez Lamb

In the first episode of 2021, Marsh is joined by Cranial Osteopath Gez Lamb, to talk about what osteopaths do, the vitalistic energy at the heart of osteopathy, and how the osteopathic industry is regulated.

Episode #065 - Nicky Alan

This episode, Marsh is joined by Nicky Alan, a medium and former psychic detective.

Episode #064 - Paul Connett

This episode, Marsh is joined by Dr Paul Connett, a retired chemist and the head of the anti-fluoridation organisation the Fluoride Action Network.

Episode #063 - Karma Singh

This episode, Marsh is joined by Karma Singh, an author and alternative healer, to discuss the cause of disease and the nature of viruses.

Content note: this interview contains a brief reference to sexual assault, at 34m30s.

Episode #062 - Kate Birch

This episode, Marsh is joined by homeopath Kate Birch. As part of the episode, Kate asked Marsh to watch two experimental homeopathically-encoded videos. If listeners would like to try the experiment for themselves they can follow Kate’s instructions.

Watch video 1 - 1M dilution: youtube.com/watch?v=winP706eFek

Then wait for one week, noting down what you are feeling and thinking about for that week.

After one week then watch the second video: youtube.com/watch?v=T7FjJCmufhQ

Episode #061 - Joye Pugh

This episode, Marsh is joined by author and biblical prophecy researcher Dr Joye Pugh.

Episode #060 - Ben Emlyn-Jones

This episode, Marsh is joined by Ben Emlyn, the author and podcaster who founded Hospital Porters Against the New World Order.

Episode #059 - Jay Weidner

Joining Marsh this episode is Jay Weidner, the author and conspiracy theorist who co-founded Sacred Mysteries, and filmmaker behind the Kubrick’s Odyssey series of documentaries outlining what he believes to be Stanley Kubrick’s role in faking the moon landings.

Episode #058 - Jouke Elsinga

Joining Marsh this episode is Jouke Elsinga, co-founder of the YouTube channel Pure Gospel of Flat Earth.

Episode #057 - Jared Taylor

Joining Marsh this episode is race realist Jared Taylor, founder of the white identity website and magazine American Renaissance.

Episode #056 - Martin Liedtke

This month, Marsh is joined by Martin Liedtke from Flat Earth British, to talk conspiracy theories, symbolism and the truth of the Flat Earth.

Episode #055 - Darren Nesbitt

Joining Marsh for this episode is musician and Flat Earth proponent, Darren Nesbitt.

Episode #054 - Michael Davidson

Joining Marsh this month is Michael Davidson from the Christian “ex-gay therapy” ministry, Core Issues Trust.

Episode #053 - Eben Alexander

Joining Marsh this month is Eben Alexander, neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven.

Episode #052 - Michael Fullerton

Joining Marsh this month is researcher and 9/11 Truther Michael Fullerton from Skeptopathy.com.

Episode #051 - Mark Steele

This episode, Marsh is joined by engineer and activist Mark Steele, to discuss his campaign against 5G technology and his altercation with Gateshead Council.

Episode #050 - Theresa Cheung

Joining Marsh this episode is spiritualist and author of over fifty books, Theresa Cheung.

Episode #049 - Rodney Cluff

This episode, Marsh is joined by Rodney Cluff from OurHollowEarth.com, and author of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow.

Episode #048 - Ed Turner

Ed Turner is a Liverpool-based solicitor and former attendee of Merseyside Skeptics Society Events. In this interview, he talks to Marsh about Campus Craziness, the Regressive Left, Social Justice Warriors, Neo Marxism and the censorship of free speech.

Episode #047 - Don Donderi

Joining Marsh this episode is author, psychologist and UFO researcher, Don Donderi.

Episode #046 - Sam Osmanagic

Joining Marsh this time is author, sociologist and businessman Sam Osmanagic. Sam has made headlines around the world with his claims to have discovered ancient pyramids in Bosnia.

Episode #045 - Kerry Cassidy

Joining Marsh this episode is documentary maker and investigative journalist at Project Camelot, Kerry Cassidy.

Episode #044 - Kevin Randle

Joining Marsh this episode is author, military veteran and UFO researcher, Kevin Randle.

Episode #043 - Psychic Claimant

This month, Marsh speaks to someone who contacted the Merseyside Skeptics because they believe they have psychic powers, and wanted to discuss how to be tested and verified.

Episode #042 - Sean Clarke

Joining Marsh this episode is Sean Clarke from the Spiritual Science Research Foundation in India.

Episode #041 - Alyson Dunlop

Joining Marsh this episode is paranormal investigator and UFO researcher Alyson Dunlop from SPI Scotland.

Episode #040 - Christopher Bollyn

Joining Marsh this time is Christopher Bollyn, a 9/11 truther and author of ‘Solving 9-11’.

Episode #039 - Lee Piercy

In this episode, Marsh is joined by paranormal investigator Lee Piercy, to discuss ghost investigations and Lee’s theory on the physics behind ghostly apparitions. You can find Lee’s Youtube at: youtube.com/user/leejonastattoo.

Episode #038 - Mark Sargent

Joining Marsh this episode is Mark Sargent, author of Flat Earth Clues and owner of the website EnclosedWorld.com.

Episode #037 - Joey Talley

Joining Marsh today is Reverend Joey Talley - a Wiccan Witch who claims to be able to prevent computer viruses, solve technical issues and much, much more, using Wiccan spells.

Episode #036 - Richard O’Connor

Richard O’Connor is anaesthetist and crop circle researcher who is convinced he has evidence that UFOs are routinely visiting the earth.

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UPDATE: The images we discussed in the pocast:

Episode #035 - Paul Byrne

Joining me today is Dr Paul Byrne. Paul is a paediatrician and prominent campaigner against organ donation, who has consistently written rejecting the existence of brain death.

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Episode #034 - Ian Clark

Ian Clark is an author and ESP researcher whose book ‘4.26am’ documents his experiences with sleep paralysis and why he believes human beings can communicate over thousands of miles via electrical signals transmitted by the heart.

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Episode #033 - Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas is an author and conspiracy theorist whose book The Truth Agenda and Conspiracies explores a range of conspiracy theories and the areas of their overlap.

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Episode #032 - Frank Strasser

Joining Marsh this month is Frank Strasser, an artist and 9/11 truther who runs the website Actors & Artists for 9/11 truth.

Unfortunately, this interview from July 2014 was affected by an issue with recording equipment, which means the last 10 minutes of the conversation was lost - but hopefully you can enjoy the rest of the conversation.

Episode #031 - Greg Caton

Joining Marsh this month on be reasonable is Greg Caton. Greg is an alternative health advocate and supplement promoter, who was imprisoned in 2004 for violating FDA regulations, and in 2009 was listed by Interpol as an international fugitive.

Episode #030 - Susan Kennard

Joining Marsh this month is Harley Street EFT practitioner Susan Kennard. Susan came to the attention of skeptics when she appeared on BBC2’s “Inside Harley Street” explaining her use of Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as ‘tapping therapy’.

Episode #029 - Ian Jacklin

Joining Marsh this month is former Kickboxer, actor and alternative cancer activist Ian Jacklin. In 2007 Ian produced the film “ICureCancer.Com”, which examined people’s experiences of alternative cures for cancer.

Episode #028 - Bogdan Ziarko

Joining Marsh this month is Bogdan Ziarko - a faith healer and exorcist. You can find out more about Bogdan’s work at www.faithhealerexorcist.com.

Episode #027 - Alan Butler

This time on Be Reasonable we’re joined by Alan Butler from the website Dawn of Realization. Alan is an author and historian who believes that the Moon and Ceres have far different origins than most astronomers realise.

Episode #026 - Mike Buchanan

Joining Marsh this time on Be Reasonable is Mike Buchanan, founder of the UK’s only explicitly anti-feminist political party “Justice for Men & Boys (And The Women Who Love Them).”

Episode #025 - Leo Rebello

On this episode, Marsh speaks with Dr. Leo Rebello. Leo has been the Director of Natural Health Centre, in Bombay, since 1978. He claims to have delivered over 15,000 lectures in 65 countries and written fifty books. Amongst his recent work is Aids Scare, which argues that HIV doesn’t exist, and that AIDS should be treated with homeopathy and yoga.

Episode #024 - Harry Rhodes

Joining Marsh this month on Be Reasonable is Harry Rhodes. Harry is a researcher and activist from Chemtrails Projects UK. You can find out more about Harry’s work at www.chemtrailsprojectuk.com

Episode #023 - Eugene McCarthy

Joining me this episode is Dr Eugene McCarthy from macroevolution.net. Eugene’s work explores the theory that a conventional view of evolution is incomplete, and that cross-species hybridisation played a significant role in the development of many modern species, including humans.

Episode #022 - Jim Humble

This month on Be Reasonable we dip back into the archives for one of the most troubling interviews I’ve ever been involved in.

Back in 2010, reports emerged about a product called Miracle Mineral Solution - a pseudomedical panacea which was touted as a treatment for cancer, AIDS, malaria and Crohn’s disease, yet in actuality was much closer in chemistry to a form of industrial bleach. The founder and main proponent of MMS was Jim Humble, whose name quickly began to appear in the press, and who turned down interviews with the BBC and with the Guardian. He did, however, agree to speak to Hayley and me for our old podcast, Righteous Indignation.

It’s an interview that affected me greatly, and one I think about regularly, which is why I’d like to present it now, for the first time, in its unbroken entirety.

Episode #021 - Alan Sanderson

This month, Marsh speaks with Dr Alan Sanderson. As well as being the former president of the Spirit Release Foundation, Alan is a psychiatrist who treats psychiatric disorders by removing the inhabiting spirits of the deceased from his patients. His website can be found at www.alansanderson.co.uk.

Episode #020 - Christopher Doyle

Joining Marsh this month is Christopher Doyle, director of the International Healing Foundation - a group which controversially aims to offer their help to people suffering from unwanted same-sex attraction.

Episode #019 - David Boyle

In this month’s episode, Marsh spoke with UFO researcher and alternative historian David Boyle, proprietor of Exhibition of the Universe in Blackpool, UK. David regularly gives talks and interviews on all manner of subjects from ancient aliens to psychic abilities and government conspiracies.

Episode #018 - Rafael Dellal

In this month’s episode we’re joined by psychic Rafael Dellal. Rafael, a clairvoyant and medium, spoke to us about his work, the tools used by mediums, how to spot a real medium from a fake medium and the ethics of psychic readings.

Regular listeners will note that Hayley Stevens is no longer involved with Be Reasonable - Hayley has left the show, having decided to take a break from podcasting completely. We thank Hayley for all the excellent work she’s done with the show and wish her all the best. Marsh will be taking the show forward alone.

Episode #017 - Richard Freeman

This month, we chat to Richard Freeman. Richard is the zoological director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology. He talks to Hayley and Marsh about cryptozoology and why he thinks there’s much more to monsters than just Nessie and Bigfoot…

Episode #016 - Vicki Monroe

A show called Cell Block Psychic recently premièred in the US, following self-proclaimed psychic & cold case investigator Vicki Monroe as she meets with notorious murderers and claims to deliver messages from their victims. Hayley and Marsh revisit an interview they conducted with Monroe in 2011.

Episode #015 - Robert Currey

This month, Marsh chats to Robert Currey - an astrologer and researcher with Equinox Astrology.

Episode #014 - Lembit Öpik

Former Lib Dem MP, Lembit Öpik is probably already a familiar face after appearances on Have I Got News For You and I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! However, you may not know that he is also a champion for near-earth object studies and a UFOlogist at the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. He talks to Be Reasonable about what this involves.

Episode #013 - Jens Foell

Dr Jens Foell is a GP and teaching fellow at Imperial College London, as well as a medical acupuncture practitioner with his own private practice. He regularly uses medical acupuncture with NHS patients, and is part of the council for the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Episode #012 - Beth Arzy

Beth Arzy is a trainee investigator and team secretary for the Ghost Finder Paranormal Society (GPS). The GPS team was founded in 2007 by Barry Ghai and Ian Wilce and describe themselves as ‘an experienced group of professional ghost hunters and paranormal experts that operate across most parts of the United Kingdom investigating reports of hauntings, poltergeists, residual energy and all forms of paranormal or supernatural phenomena.’

Episode #011 - Deborah Houlding

In this episode we interview Deborah Houlding, who creates and reads Horary astrological charts to find an answer to people’s questions.

Episode #010 - Jacqui O’Reilly

This month on Be Reasonable we speak to intuitive Jacqui O’Reilly. Although not comfortable with the label ‘psychic’, Jacqui believes she has an ability to make readings and predictions with unnerving accuracy, and discusses the use of her abilities in locating missing persons, as well as the need to test her skills scientifically.

Episode #009 - Michael Horn

This month on Be Reasonable we speak to American UFO researcher Michael Horn. Michael is one of the most vocal and prolific supporters of Billy Meier - the Swiss septuagenarian who claims to have been visited by aliens regularly throughout his life, and claims to have concrete evidence of their existence.

Episode #008 - Jonathan Whitcomb

This month on Be Reasonable we speak to American Cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb. Best known for his research into living Pterosaurs, Whitcomb authored a book in 2006 called ‘Searching for Ropens‘ about his research to date, in which he also criticises the standard model of universal and ancient pterosaur extinction.

Episode #007 - Andrew Burton

This month on Be Reasonable, we speak with pro-life activist Andrew Burton. Andy is involved in the Milton Keynes chapter of the 40 Days for Life movement - an anti-abortion campaign which pickets abortion clinics worldwide.

Episode #006 - Naveena Shine

Naveena Shine recently made the headlines with her 6 month-long ‘Living on Light’ experiment into living without food - an experiment she ended after just 47 days. Marsh spoke to her about Living on Light, and whether she thinks human beings really can survive without food.

Episode #005 - Julia Assante

Julia Assante has been working as a psychic and a medium since the 1970’s working in both private and delivering public workshops In the 1980’s she became involved with past life therapy which she believes can cure many ills.

Episode #004 - Ian Doherty

Psychic Medium Ian Doherty works with paranormal investigators and offers public and private psychic readings, giving demonstrations in Spiritualist Churches across England. Ian also claims to be able to see peoples Auras and offers Aura art and Aura photography, which he claims offer insight into a persons characteristics and personality.

Episode #003 - Duncan Lunan

Duncan Lunan is an author and astonomer, whose 2012 book ‘Children from the Sky’ explored the tale of the Green children of Woolpit. According to a 12th century folklore, two children - one a boy, the other a girl - were found in Suffolk, England, with skin and hair of a green pigment, dressed all in green and speaking in a tongue unlike any earthly language of the time. Many at the time thought their appearance was supernatural…

Marsh and Hayley spoke to Duncan about his investigations into the story, how he thinks the children came to be in 12th century England, and why he believes them to be of alien origin - dismissing the more commonly-accepted terrestrial explanations for the story.

Episode #002 - Michael Wilmore

Michael Wilmore is a member of the Flat Earth Society - a group whose members believe that the conventionally-accepted notion of a spherical Earth is incorrect, and that in reality the Earth is flat. Society members have a range of ideas and beliefs as to how and why the spherical Earth concept is false, with many believing that much of the conventional science is clouded by inaccuracy, conspiracy and dogma.

Marsh and Hayley spoke to Michael to find out why he believes the world is flat, how he and his fellow members reconcile their beliefs with the accepted science, and the criticisms his ideas are met with by the general public.

Episode #001 - Anita Ikonen

Anita Ikonen, a Swedish national, describes herself as a medical intuitive, claiming to be able to detect medical information about a person by simply looking at them. She runs a website called Vision From Feeling which documents her abilities, and her attempts to test them.

Anita also describes herself as a skeptic. As a result of her skepticism Anita agreed to have her abilities tested by the Independent Investigations Group - a test that she didn’t pass after failing to name the person missing a kidney out of a number of volunteers. She also failed a similar test conducted by the James Randi Education Foundation at The Amazing Meeting 8 in Las Vegas. Hayley and Marsh spoke to Anita to find out more about her alleged abilities, the tests, and whether her past failures have made her reconsider whether she has supernatural abilities or not.