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Be Reasonable: Episode #001 - Anita Ikonen

Anita Ikonen, a Swedish national, describes herself as a medical intuitive, claiming to be able to detect medical information about a person by simply looking at them. She runs a website called Vision From Feeling which documents her abilities, and her attempts to test them.

Anita also describes herself as a skeptic. As a result of her skepticism Anita agreed to have her abilities tested by the Independent Investigations Group - a test that she didn’t pass after failing to name the person missing a kidney out of a number of volunteers. She also failed a similar test conducted by the James Randi Education Foundation at The Amazing Meeting 8 in Las Vegas. Hayley and Marsh spoke to Anita to find out more about her alleged abilities, the tests, and whether her past failures have made her reconsider whether she has supernatural abilities or not.