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Caroline Rance - The 'Golden Age' of Quackery in Britain & America

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Caroline Rance - The 'Golden Age' of Quackery in Britain & America

Caroline Rance runs thequackdoctor.com, a website which reveals the stories behind patent medicines and health fraud in history. Her book The Quack Doctor: Historical Remedies for All Your Ills was published in 2013 and her most recent publication is The History of Medicine in 100 Facts, which dispels some of the popular myths about medicine's long past.

The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw a proliferation of advertised medicines and health devices - some harmless, some strange and some downright fraudulent. From arsenic wafers to electric corsets, and from morphine-laced teething syrups to life-enhancing 'Z-Rays', Caroline Rance of www.thequackdoctor.com explores how patent medicine vendors attracted customers, and how the skeptics of the day attempted to put a stop to their lucrative activities.

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