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Lynne Murphy - How America Saved the English Language

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Lynne Murphy - How America Saved the English Language

Most people have plenty of opinions on the English language, led by naïve beliefs about how language works and stereotypes about various English-speaking populations. Lynne Murphy puts facts in the way of common beliefs about British and American Englishes. Which country gets English 'right'? Are British speakers becoming more American? Are American speakers becoming more British? (Should we care?) And just why is schedule pronounced two ways? Lynne Murphy is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sussex. Her alter ego Lynneguist writes the award-winning blog Separated by a Common Language and tweets the UK-US Difference of the Day on Twitter. Her most recent book, The Prodigal Tongue: the love–hate relationship between British and American English (Oneworld/Penguin 2018) is "a funny and rollicking read" (Economist Books of the Year). "Her love of our living, changing language is infectious" (The New Yorker).

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