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March Megamix!

This event has ended, but if you think it looks interesting, you might want to check out our other upcoming talks. Our speaking events take place monthly in Liverpool city centre and are free to attend.
March Megamix!

This is the correct date, apologies for any confusion.

Join us for another of our annual multiple speaker events, featuring some people you may have heard talk before (about different subjects), some you will have never heard speak.

Speakers on the night will be:

Emma - Throw Away The Key? The Justice Secretary has, and plans, to make a lot of changes to the parole process in the name of public safety. Prison lawyer Emma critically assesses these changes and sets out the real world implications.

Kat - What are adaptations? Adaptations are a central concept in evolution, but identifying whether a feature or behaviour is an adaptation is not straight forward. So what is an adaptation? What's the criteria? If a feature or behaviour isn't an adaptation, what is is? In this short talk, Kat will try and answer these questions and explain a core concept in evolution.

Danny - Critical thinking your way through a pandemic (for dummies) When a friend began sharing anti-vax media, and I began to research and examine it more thoroughly, coming across figures like The Daily Sceptic and Dr Aseem Malhotra. We, as skeptics, are ultimately consumer advocates for the scientific method - and if a non-specialist, non-expert, arty-farty musician like myself can deploy critical thinking tools to navigate thorny issues, so can anybody.

Lewis - An insider's journey: falling down a rabbit hole, and how I clawed myself out Having been a follower of conspiracy theories for years, when the pandemic hit, Lewi was perfectly placed to get pulled into a rabbit hole of misinformation, including being the online admin for the antivax White Rose group, and attending in-person protests against the Covid vaccine. He'll explain what it felt like to fall into that worldview, what he saw while part of those conspiracy theory communities, and how he climbed back out of the rabbithole

Tom - Rumford Place: Liverpool’s Celebration of Slavery The city of Liverpool had an uncomfortably cosy relationship with the Confederate States of America, a short-lived state that existed purely to preserve slavery. This relationship is commemorated at Rumford Place, which featured various plaques celebrating the confederacy. Expect history, historical revisionism, fake nuance and a whole load of flags.

Andrew - How to Lose at the Lottery How do you lose at the lottery? If you've ever played the national lottery, you'll probably already know that it's remarkably easy to do this, so you probably don't need his help, but in this talk, Andrew will attempt to refine your ability to lose. You're welcome.

Lana - Get back to the kitchen There's no such thing as a biological disadvantage in a virtual space, so why are women underepresented in esports? Lana Donaghy explores gaming culture and sexism in competitive video games

Note: All speakers views are their own and they are not speaking on behalf of their employers unless indicated otherwise. As you might understand, speaking about public health matters at the moment is particularly sensitive at this time. All talks are meant to be informative and entertaining, not advice or policy!

Safety & Comfort

We aim to be an inclusive organisation, welcoming attendees from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders. The directors reserve the right to remove any attendee whose continued presence represents a real or perceived threat to the smooth running of our events, or the security and comfort of other attendees. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.


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