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Prof. Andy Miah - The Metaverse Isn't Just Our Future

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Prof. Andy Miah - The Metaverse Isn't Just Our Future

Professor Andy Miah, PhD (@andymiah), is Chair of Science Communication & Future Media, at the University of Salford, where he Directs The Science Communication Space in the School of Science, Engineering and Environment. Professor Miah’s research investigates the ethical, legal, social and cultural questions concerning technological change and his publications draw on ideas from science, technology, art, and media culture. Author of 10 books and over 150 academic articles, Professor Miah has been at the forefront of debates about how humanity is moving beyond conventional evolutionary processes and towards evolution by technology. His recent works have focused on drones, artificial intelligence, esports, digital health, and the metaverse. Prof Miah has also been interviewed and written for media around the world, including the Washington Post, The Guardian, the Independent, and the Times and he has given over 300 major invited conference presentations over the last decade, at which he is often invited to speak about the future. He regularly interviews for a range of major media companies and has appeared in over 300 outlets, including Fortune, Vogue, BBC, and regularly published with The Conversation.

Over the last 12 months, the metaverse has been widely discussed as the future of digital living, to widespread excitement and horror. However, Professor Andy Miah outlines that there is a crucial consideration that has been absent from these debates, which is that the metaverse is being designed not just for humans but as a place of coexistence with sentient machines. Arguing on behalf of the strong thesis on the metaverse - where digital and physical worlds are experienced in a seamless way - Prof Miah further advances the idea that the metaverse will be an environment where all life and non-life co-habit and that this function is crucial to safeguarding the future of life on earth.


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